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she had 200 resumes come truohgh before she just stopped looking and called a few of us in for interviews. Of course, I never heard a thing from her after the interview. I am over 40, have been out of work for almost 2 years (after working steadily for almost 30 years) and according to her I was overqualified' for the position. We did not create this problem!!! however we get to pay for it ..for that matter, our children and grandchildren will still be paying for this. Maybe this is a blessing in disguise Now we actually have some time to pay attention to what they are really doing to us ..and do something about it. This is a great idea and I think we need to get the word out NOW .get everyone involved, take back OUR country!!!!I live in Elkhart Indiana (the former RV capitol of the world .)


My philosophy runs more torwads good writing is that which supports the reader's immersive reading experience. What do we readers love? To get lost in a book. To be so deeply immersed in the world the writer has evoked that we lose track of pages going by, of time in our external reality, of the fact that we haven't eaten since breakfast and now it's mid-afternoon. We love it when that happens.An immersive reading experience is a precious and delicate state. It can be upset by the littlest things. For it to work requires a coordination among all the levels of a piece of writing. The story itself must be interesting, and compellingly so. The author must have made careful choices about how to present that story to us, so as to find the balance between encouraging us to imagine as much as possible, while giving us just enough to keep our imaginations on the path that matches the story the writer had in mind. And yes, the writing must be so fluid if I were going to truly geek about this, I'd try to make some kind of liquid helium simile right here, but instead I'll stick with something more prosaic as to float the reader gently down the stream, rather than flipping you overboard in class-VI whitewater.The corrolary to this philosophy is that one cannot blame the reader for failing to experience immersive reading. It's not the reader's fault. It's the writer's job to coordinate all those moving parts. You know what else has a lot of moving parts? Cars. And when it turns out that a car's moving parts don't coordinate like they're supposed to, we don't blame drivers for it. The cars get recalled by the manufacturer before somebody gets killed. Would that the publishing industry had a similar mindset.Perhaps there was an interesting story lurking downstream. But it sounds like Death and the Dervish threw you raftless into the rapids. I don't think you can really blame yourself for clawing your way up onto dry land as soon as possible, in search of smoother waters.


I was one of those geek kids. I read the Hobbit when I was 9 and devoured the Lord of the Rings tilorgy immediately afterward. I was hungry for more of Tolkien's writing and got my hands on The Silmarillion. Which kicked my butt. I couldn't understand why I wasn't crazy for my favorite writer's work. I tried again and again to read the book. I finally succeeded when I was 17, but only out of pure pig-headedness; there was no joy in the reading. I took the knowledge that some books are too complicated for me to enjoy very hard. Truth be told, it still rankles. I read so much for work, however, that I jealously guard the time I can spend reading for pleasure. As I have grown older (I'd love to say matured but I doubt it would be very accurate), I have become less and less willing to invest my free time in reading a book that doesn't work, on some level, for me. We all have our limits as readers. Coming nose-to-nose with those limits isn't pleasant, but neither is slogging through pages of a book with which we're not connecting.


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