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i need a critical analysis of niyi osundare's state visit

Durojaiye afolabi

i need materials on use of language in niyi osundare's songs of a market place.

onanuga ayo

Could i also get an analysis of the state visit and two plays? thanks

akinrimisi olanike

i need relevant information on the language and style of niyi osundare's midlife and village voices.


i need a critical analysis of niyi osundare's waiting laughters

Momoh Abdulwahid A.
Seth Hobson

please i need a critical analysis of Niyi Osundare's The Eye of the earth

miss duruamara chika


ibukunoluwa arif

i just tot to say i've read a couple of the man's works and i think HE IS GREAT! - He really has a way with words... but then who ai be sef / isn't it an overflogged opinion?

adigun abayomi o

as english undergraduate i need it to complete my course

adigun abayomi o

as a scholar

harold ukwe

i need an analysis of the aesthetics of niyi osundare's songs of the market place.

Ndim Bernard Ngouche

As a poet per excellencei have always loved reading works of great African minds so that i can better equipe myself with their works. I have always loved to have Niyi Osundare as my mentor for no one can deny that in real life partnering is of premodial importance. This places two people together so that they can better share common values and improve upon themselves. I have read your poems and love the simplicity used in your effortless flow of words that sink deeper into the soul.


You can be lucky!!!

Afolabi Ololade

Please I need a detailed review of Midlife poems by Niyi Osundare. I want to use it for my project as part of the requirement for my honorary award. Thanks.

olayiwola lateefah

i think Prof Osundare is a great playwright and poet.I feel privileged to have been able to tap from his fountain of knowledge.Thanks.

muhydeen akande

pls i need a detailed essay on the stylistic features of Niyi Osundare's the state visit

ogundele opeyemi

please i need a detailed analysis on the eye of the earth niyi osundare for my final year project


hey guys!!!!!

I'm, desperately in need of the analysis of village voices by niyi osunidare


i need analysis on "text worship" for an assignment.


I am desperately in nee of the analysis of the politician's two mouths by Niyi Osundare

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